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Before You Begin

You will need the following in order to follow this guide:


  • The BIG-IP VE image must be hosted in a location accessible to the Heat engine via ‘http’. The F5 Heat templates do not currently support retrieval of files via ‘https’ or file uploads.
  • VE images come in 3 different sizes: LTM, ALL, and LTM-1SLOT. Each has its own size requirements, which determine what Nova flavor you should select. See the F5 OpenStack BIG-IP flavor matrix for more information.
  • There is a known issue with python-glanceclient that returns an unspecified error after you click Launch to launch a stack from the OpenStack dashboard. You may need to upgrade the package in order to resolve this issue.


[1]How to Buy
[2]Unsure how to get started with OpenStack? See the F5 OpenStack deployment and configuration guides.
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